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Honeycomb Blind Specialists Melbourne

Honeycomb (commonly referred to as cellular) blinds are an ideal choice if you want something lightweight, versatile and easy to clean. They’ll keep you extra warm for those cold winter months and cool for the summer. Plus, the selection of colours means that you’re sure to find one that matches your interior design.

Honeycomb Blinds slim design makes them the perfect window covering solution for narrow and square set window reveals. Their minimalist features allow Honeycomb blinds to be installed closer to the window revealing the edge and allowing for better privacy or light block.  

The distinct design and custom manufacturing of our Honeycomb blinds offer both single and double cell options helping insulate your home from the cold in winter and the heat in summer. The double cell solution is most effective, subject to the window reveal size and application.

Combining unique cell design with the latest materials, Honeycomb Blinds are created to offer high-quality insulation. Enjoy fabric innovations that allow you to feel more comfortable and help reduce the cost of energy for your home. Honeycomb Blinds will safeguard your home from the circulation of outside and indoor air that can cause energy loss creating a more pleasant and more pleasant living space throughout the year, all and leaving less carbon footprint.

Living Shutters & Blinds offer high-quality honeycomb blinds at an affordable price. There are hundreds of fabrics and colour combinations to choose from ensuring we have a solution to meet your needs.

Our honeycomb shades help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Give our friendly team a call today.

Honeycomb Blind FAQ's

We have an extensive range of Honeycomb blinds from which to choose.

There are various Cell sizes and material options to suit your Room darkening, Privacy or insulating requirements.

Please consider the following criteria:

Light effect:

What amount of illumination and peace do I require? Select the amount of light you require in your room, the degree of privacy, as well as your views. Select from sheer translucent to darker-coloured fabrics. You can also choose two different shades to provide night and day shade. Bathrooms and bedrooms in particular take into consideration the security and control of light at night and during the day.


Double cell or single cell? Our unique structure of honeycomb shields your home from the cold of the winter months and from heat during summer to reduce the cost of energy. Choose a single or double cells for your own unique style and energy efficiency requirements. For the best insulation, choose double cell.


How do you plan to manage the shade? Think about if you require one or more shades with different levels of opacity (day and night shades) Then consider how you want the shade to serve. Are you looking for the fabric simply to function as a normal bottom up, or do you require an adjustable fabric stack (top down, bottom up) for easy adjustment of your light control, privacy and view. Additionally, you can choose to be corded blinds, or for more extensive blinds think about a cord loop or motorised. If the safety of your pet and child is a concern at your house, or if you would prefer not to have hanging cords, then select one of the Portrait cordless blinds that are available.

Our Honeycomb blinds are available in the broadest variety of operating systems and fabrics available. Additionally, we offer a wide range of specialisation options to enable you to customise your blinds to be the perfect fit for your particular needs.

There are several corded and cordless Lift systems to consider when choosing the correct Honeycomb Blind for your window.

You can prate the blind to open form the bottom or the top of the Window.

Both block out and Privacy Sheer materials can be coupled together on one Honeycomb Blind track giving you the option of corded or cordless operation for a child and pet friendly environment.

Our Honeycomb blinds offer the largest range of custom designed window furnishing solutions available on the market. We also have the ability to build special shaped Honeycomb blinds for applications such as Skylights and asymmetrical windows.  

A collection of colors and opacities, in five distinctive cell sizes ranging from tiny to huge. Smaller cells provide an older-fashioned pleated shade style, that give your space a comfortable and cozy feeling. Larger cells are ideal for bigger windows and doors to give your home an elegant and contemporary edge.

We offer a high-quality product at the lowest prices, If you need any help or have any questions about our product, we’re happy to talk you through it over the or phone or in the privacy of your own home.


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