Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters: The Timeless Trend in Caulfield

In Caulfield, roller blinds and plantation shutters are a must-have for all households. Subtle, stylish but effective and useful, these window treatments are a noteworthy long-term investment all homes should have to maximize their living space and improve their home value. These window furnishings are an easy-to-maintain and adjustable alternative to traditional curtains and drapes.

Furthermore, all products at Living Shutters and Blinds are built to enhance privacy, improve ventilation and also protect your home from harmful U.V rays from the sun. You can control the light and air flow when you choose our plantation shutters which are made of timber. Also, you can ensure maximum privacy using our premium roller blinds that could also relieve your house of heat. When you choose our window furnishings, you get top quality products at the most reasonable prices. Our noise-free and low-maintenance blinds and shutters are the best window treatments for all households in Caulfield. Browse our collection to learn more!

Why Choose Us?

Our numerous years of expertise in the furnishing industry makes us the ideal choice for window solutions in Caulfield. We offer roller blinds which can be customized to suit your household and preferences as well as sturdy plantation shutters made with timber. Most notably, both our blinds and timber shutters are made with superior materials and are built to last.

Furthermore, all our products are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike curtains and drapes which need regular washing, a simple wipe-down is enough to keep your shutters and blinds clean. Convenient with low-maintenance, our window treatments are ideal for all households.

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