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Melbourne’s Best Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation shutters are elegant, highly practical and offer a classic window furnishing option. They help insulate your home by aiding in keeping energy costs in check, are easy to maintain and to operate while offering classic ‘plantation-style great designs from outside and inside.

Basswood Shutters

Offering an extensive range of painted and stained colour options our Basswood Plantation Shutters provide a timeless elegance giving your home or business functionality, privacy and light control while creating an inviting ambience.

One of the greatest advantages of shutters is their insulation properties. Once they are fully closed they form an insulation gap between the shutter and the window or door. This means that warmth cannot be able to enter your home as easily in summer or stay out during winter, making your home more comfortable and stable while aiding in reducing the energy cost.

PVC Shutters

Living Shutters & Blinds plantation shutters are constructed using the finest PVC materials that are engineered to guarantee maximum durability and security. This is especially important for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where the water-resistant features of our shutter materials are very beneficial.

Our PVC Shutters offer a modern and timeless design that can be incorporated into any décor. Our PVC shutters are constructed of sturdy PVC with an aluminium core to provide security. They’re low maintenance and allergy-free, which allows for an excellent control of airflow and light. PVC shutters also provide privacy and are an excellent insulation that can aid in cutting down on energy bills. PVC shutters are great for humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to clean and maintained.


Longevity & Stability

Reinforced Engineered Stiles Multiple layers of wood veneer that are that are bonded together make the core stronger of the stile, ensuring longevity and stability.

Quarter Sawn Wood Louvres

Not the flat-sawn louvres that are commonly seen in standard shutters made of wood, quarter sawn louvres are able to withstand natural tendency of wood to bend, cup and warp.

Mortise and Tenon Joints

Only found in the finest crafted furniture. Our mortise and joint will keep your shutters level and secure, which will ensure long-term performance.

Superior Finishing

Includes several hand sanding and finishing techniques to create a more luxurious and rich finish. Polypropylene coating is medical quality, ensuring the perfect environment for your home. It also resists chipping, scratching, peeling and yellowing in the severe Australian sunlight.

Prescription Wood Conditioning

The amount of moisture within each shutter is customized to correspond with the moisture conditions of the location it will be. This process of drying is unique and enhances the durability of shutter panels and frames once they have been installed.

Invisible Tilt

The louvres rotate together like magic, with an invisible tilt rod. Invisible EasyTilt's gear-driven system is integrated into each stile and controls louvres seamlessly with precise light and view control.

Environment-friendly and safe

All the materials used for our shutters were chosen in a way that is environmentally friendly and with your family's security in mind. From legally-sourced and sustainable wood products to high-quality, safe and recyclable plastics and composites. The wood products we use are nurtured from our forests and our factories and then to your house.

Recessed Magnets

Recessed magnetics are built into each stile to reduce gaps between shutters and frame, creating a sleek and clean appearance from every angle.

Decorative Accessories

Accessories to improve the function of your shutters. These include panel pulls or hinges. Panel locks, hinges and other accessories are available in a variety of styles.

Plantation Shutters FAQ's

In summary, yes. In saying this, although our PVC Shutters are good on damper areas and are moisture resistant it is worth keeping in mind when considering if plantation shutters are the right fit for you that they aren’t entirely waterproof. Therefore, consistent exposure to moisture such as a running shower can overtime can degrade the shutters. If you remain uncertain whether plantation shutters are the right fit for your property, give our friendly team a call today to discuss or organise an on-site inspection to discuss your options.


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