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Enjoy the Luxury of Motorised Blinds

Our motorisation technicians can work closely with architects, interior designers, builders, and electricians to determine the best approach to incorporating motorised blinds in your home. We can also install a range of motorised curtains and window treatments in your residence.

When you connect with us early in the planning process, we can ensure that the original electrical wiring supports your chosen window furnishings and control system from the beginning.

What Are Motorised Blinds, and How Do They Work?

Our motorised roller blinds use an electric motor to open and close. They are controlled by remote control or via a smartphone app – eliminating the need for manual operation. Integrating our motorised blinds with an existing home automation system is also possible. We simply connect its control to the phone or tablet you use for the rest of your smart home.

Some programmable motorised blinds can adjust at certain times of the day or to suit temperatures or light conditions. This automation means that even if you aren’t in the room, it will be protected, so when it’s time to relax for the evening, the room is cool and inviting.

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Embrace Elegance Through Automation

Add a touch of sophistication and convenience with motorised window blinds in your home. With a set of elegant electric blinds, you can transform and modernise your space.

All Living Shutters & Blinds customers can enjoy our complete motorised blind and curtain services. We offer a full curtain and blind experience, so you can talk to our team about any of the following:

  • Designing custom motorised blinds, curtains, and other window treatments.
  • Sourcing quality curtains, blinds, and components from the industry’s leading brands.
  • Integration of motorised blinds with smart home automation systems.
  • Professional installation services for your new blinds.


We ensure the highest quality products and work at every step of the process, resulting in the best possible solution for your property – from the first consultation to the final installation. If you have questions at any point in the process, our team will be on standby to assist.

Motorised Blinds Melbourne
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The Benefits of Motorised Blinds in the Home

With motorised roller blinds, homeowners can enjoy an amazing return on investment, all thanks to some of the many advantages. These advantages include a practical solution for hard-to-reach areas. Our motorised system makes it convenient to manage for those with limited mobility or if your blinds are out of reach.

Our motorised window blinds also create a life of convenience. You can operate your blinds from almost anywhere via the app. Better control of your blinds means improved control of light conditions, insulation, and heat, all of which can impact your energy consumption.

To improve your security and safety, you can open and close blinds even when you’re not home, so would-be trespassers will assume someone is home. Automated blinds are also safer for homes with small kids since there are no hazardous strings or chains.

Automated blinds last longer because they’re not tugged on or damaged through too much force. By setting your blinds to close during the hottest part of the day, you protect your home’s interior and furniture against damaging UV rays, reducing long-term damage. Automation can also be useful if houseplants need light at certain times.

Design Your Home With Motorised Blinds in Mind

When incorporating motorised blinds, homeowners can make the process easier through proper planning. If you are planning a home renovation or new construction, don’t hesitate to consult us during the early design phase. The earlier you get in touch with us, the better we can pair your needs with the most suitable motorised blind system.

Enjoy your home even more by using automation technology with your curtain and window furnishings. Enjoy the luxury and convenience of easy operation at the touch of a button while bringing in the warmth and style that curtains add to a room.

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