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Outdoor alfresco blinds can often be referred to as cafe blinds, outdoor blinds, or bistro blinds. All outdoor blinds we sell are designed to fit precisely in the combination of high-quality transparent or tinted PVC weave mesh and canvas.

The benefit of transparent or tinted PVC blinds for outdoor use is that they provide protection against the elements. Allowing you to transform an outdoor area for dining into a separate space that you can use throughout the year while taking in the view or the views with ease.

Outdoor alfresco blinds provide complete protection from the elements of wind, sun, and rain. Outdoor blinds made of woven mesh give you the best of both while retaining a simple design. As they’re transparent, you’ll be able to keep your view while also having the benefit of offering protection from the sun and similar protection against winter winds and rain. Our outdoor blinds come in a variety of on-trend colours to complement your décor.

Improve the appearance and practical use of your outdoor area with fashionable and practical Ziptrak® Outdoor blinds.

Ziptrak® blinds shield you from high winds, sun and heat and UV rays and cold weather, allowing you take advantage of the Australian outdoor all year long.

Blinds operation can be difficult but the unique Ziptrak® track-guided blind system allows blinds to be operated as easily as is possible. Ziptrak® blinds can open and close in mere seconds and can be shut and put in any intermediate position you want.

The blind is a secure and locked down position to shield against UV and high winds without buckles or zippers needed, it’s as simple as that. We also have remote-control operated Ziptrak blinds, which give elegance and convenience.

Outdoor Blind Specialists Melbourne

Ziptrak® Quality

Our Ziptrak Blinds are manufactured here in Melbourne utilising premium powder coated aluminium and fabric materials designed to last. Your choice of PVC, Privacy Screen and Block out materials are available across the range of Ziptrak blinds.


Outdoor Blinds FAQ's

The materials we use to make our blinds are strong which means cleaning are an easy straightforward process. Clean the blind by gently applying a dab of a clean cloth along with mild detergent, and warm water. Avoid rubbing pads or using chemicals and leave the blinds to air dry. We also suggest a routine gentle dusting to keep the build-up of dirt and to preserve the lifespan of the blinds.

When you understand the flexibility of PVC, you’ll see that they expand and contract in the sun. Track systems don’t allow for this

The PVC has expanded and is loose in the track, producing a distorted view.

When the fabric contracts, it can stretch too far and cause it to pull away from the track system (and rip off of zippers etc.)

We’ve done a fair amount of research and have come to the conclusion that these systems are not suitable for our products.

Our system allows you to secure your blinds and wind them so you can adjust their tension.

Although both kinds of blinds for outdoor use will offer the shade and security that you require. There are other aspects to consider that will help you choose which one is the best fit for your needs. The major difference between blinds that are motorised, or manual is the method of operation. Motorised blinds are operated electronically through the use of a fixed switch or remote control, whereas manual blinds operate using a crank mechanism. Motorised blinds are particularly suitable for blinds that are placed in places that are difficult to reach. Motorised blinds are the most practical option. However, they tend to be more expensive, and you should consider your budget, your outdoor space, and your personal preferences to find the best option.

A quality outdoor blind system isn’t just constructed from top-quality fabrics, but should also perfectly compliment your outdoor space, perform flawlessly, and look beautiful. Beyond looking at fabrics, consider the convenience factor of the blinds. Is motorisation a comfort you could enjoy?

Being Melbourne-owned, operated and locally sourced, we have full control over our product line to ensure we deliver your blinds right the first time.


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